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NEW Version: V5.1-TELC4 (Build 2019.3177)
Our new V5.1-TELC4 is a major update of V5.1-TELC3, implementing the latest Telcordia handbook revision, SR-332, Issue 4.

V5.1-TELC4 includes various model changes compared to V5.1-TELC3, including...
...various revised device failure rates.
...some new device types.
...significantly better MTBF for various Telcordia environments (GL, GF, GM, AC, SC)...
......(GL) Ground,Fixed,Uncontrolled (Limited): 1.25x higher MTBF.
......(GF) Ground,Fixed,Uncontrolled (Moderate): 1.33x higher MTBF.
......(GM) Ground,Mobile: 2x higher MTBF.
......(AC) Airborne,Commercial: 2x higher MTBF.
......(SC) Spacebased,Commercial: 5x higher MTBF.

V5.1-TELC4 also includes various enhancements.

Please contact us for a price quote for the V5.1-TELC4 update.

Also see the current version system requirements.

If you want to see the new V5.1-TELC4 features, you can download a free Demo for a test drive.

Current Version: V5.1-217F2 (Build 2017.1057)

Important Note: To install and use this version you MUST have already purchased the RelCalc for Windows Software Package, and you MUST have a valid Serial# and KeyCode for V5.1-217F2 (Build 2010.4795) or later (see your RelCalc Delivery Letter).

You can download the current version of V5.1-217F2 now.

Also see the current version system requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you don't currently have V5.1-217F2, you can download a free Demo for a test drive.

Feedback: Features You'd Like to Have
If there are any new features you'd like to see added to RelCalc for Windows, please contact us to let us know.

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