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Current Version: V5.1-217F2 (Build 2017.1057)
This page offers the installer program file for the current version of the RelCalc V5.1-217F2 software.

Important Note: To install and use this version you MUST have already purchased the RelCalc for Windows Software Package, and you MUST have a valid Serial# and KeyCode for V5.1-217F2 (Build 2010.4795) or later (see your RelCalc Delivery Letter).

Note: If you have V5.1-217F2 (Build 2010.4795) or later and your current support period has expired, we are happy to offer this version as a free update, regardless of your Update Expiration Date.

You can find your RelCalc Version/Build and Update Expiration Date using the Help/About RelCalc menu item in RelCalc.

If you are using any version earlier than V5.1-217F2 (Build 2010.4795), please contact us for details on how to update your version of RelCalc to the current version

Helpful Tip: Print this page to use as a reference during Installation and Getting Started.

Note on File Downloads
When you click the file link to download the file, please be sure to use your browser's Save To Disk download mode.

V5.1-217F2 Software: 51217F2_SW_2017_1057.EXE (4040 KB)
Download: 51217F2_SW_2017_1057.EXE

The 51217F2_SW_2017_1057.EXE file is an installer program file containing the V5.1-217F2 Software Package.

For Windows 10/11 compatibility notes, please see the Win 10/11 FAQ.

1) Download the 51217F2_SW_2017_1057.EXE file to any hard disk folder.
2) Run 51217F2_SW_2017_1057.EXE from this folder to install the software.
3) You will be asked to enter your Serial# and KeyCode during the install process: see your original RelCalc Delivery Letter.

Note: If the machine you are installing to already has V5.1-217F2 (Build 2010.4795) or later installed, run the installer from the folder that contains that version, and the installer will automatically detect and use your Serial# and KeyCode (RelCalc should NOT be running when you do this).

EULA: The installer will ask you to accept our End-User License Agreement (EULA).
This is a PDF copy of our EULA: EULA.PDF

Uninstall Instructions: If you want to uninstall the software: open the Windows Control Panel; select "Uninstall a Program"; find "RelCalc Software V5.1-217F2" in the list of programs, then double-click it to start the uninstall.

Getting Started
After the software is installed, please see the README.TXT file (in the folder you install to) for various important details, including the Version History, which details the changes included in this version.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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