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Product Name Version (check desired version) Notes Qty Unit Price Extension
RelCalc for Win Software Package __V5.1-TELC4     __V5.1-217F2       ____ $1995 ________
Part Library Data Package __V5.1-TELC4     __V5.1-217F2       ____ $695 ________
RelCalc for Win Update Package __V5.1-TELC4     __V5.1-217F2    (Price=$1795 if Note 7 applies) ____ $1395 ________
          Subtotal ________
     (Sales Tax: see Note 3)     Sales Tax ________
    (Shipping: see Note 4)     Shipping ________
          TOTAL ________

Windows Version: __Win7  __Win8  __Win8.1  __Win10  __Win11
Internet connection is required for electronic delivery download, license activation, and daily license validation.
Also see: System Requirements


1. Prices shown are for a single user license fee for one version. All prices are in U.S. Dollars, FOB Westlake Village, CA.
2. The RelCalc V5.1 software is electronic delivery via download, nothing physical needs to be shipped.
3. California customers: sales tax does NOT apply for electronic delivery; only physical shipments are subject to CA sales tax.
4. Shipping charges do NOT apply for electronic delivery; for physical shipments, contact us for shipping details/charges.
5. All international orders must pre-pay in U.S. Dollars. Please see International Orders for payment details, and for Export Regulations.
6. Each update unit requires a serial number from a previous purchase to qualify for reduced price update.
7. For existing customers: if your last paid purchase was over 2 years ago, then additional update charges apply.
8. Substantial quantity discounts are available; please call for quantity price quotes.
9. Your credit card V-Code is your card's security verification code: for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover it is the 3 digit number printed on the back of your card; for American Express it is the 4 digit number printed on the front of your card.
10. This price list is effective 01/15/2023.