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RelCalc for Windows automates the reliability prediction procedure of Telcordia SR-332, or MIL-HDBK-217, providing an alternative to tedious, time consuming, and error prone manual methods. RelCalc makes reliability predictions a snap for all your requirements, from single circuit board designs to very large multi-circuit board systems. RelCalc's powerful, fully integrated system features allow you to easily define a modular, hierarchical system model, including redundancy, if desired, and get system level reliability measures.

Features (Also see the RelCalc Screen Shots)
- Automates the reliability prediction procedure of Telcordia SR-332, or MIL-HDBK-217.
- User friendly Windows interface.
- Document windows provide a comprehensive visual view for circuit, hybrid, library data files.
- Multiple Document Interface (MDI): easily switch between multiple open document windows.
- Toolbar buttons for quick and easy access to often-used commands.
- Print Preview gives you on-screen viewing of reports.
- Print reports to your printer, or to PDF files.
- Graphs (line/bar/pie) allow quick and easy visual analysis and presentation of your calculation results.
- Very easy to learn and use.
- Comprehensive, context sensitive, hypertext Help system.
- Quick and easy part parameter entry and editing.
- Integrated library database functions for rapid recall of often-used parts.
- Powerful global editing functions for quick what-if? trials.
- Define modular, hierarchical system models, including redundancy, if desired.
- System wide what-if? and calculate, for all circuits in system hierarchy.
- Supports hybrid circuit reliability predictions.
- Various reports with user-specified options (eg, sort order) give you dozens of report formats.
- Powerful data import/export functions allow you to integrate RelCalc into your design framework.
- User-specified stress and temperature derating limits for overstress reporting.
- Fast and accurate, with thorough error trapping.

- Save time: reduce your prediction times by 60-95% over manual methods.
- Save money: RelCalc for Windows pays for itself in one medium size prediction job.
- Integrate reliability analysis into your design process for better quality products.

- Military and commercial product applications.
- Proposal, feasibility studies.
- Design phase trade-offs.
- Find likely problem spots.
- Final design predictions.
- Cost reduction analysis.
- Warranty analysis.

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