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If you have any questions or problems concerning RelCalc for Windows, please feel free to call or write. In addition, we welcome your suggestions and comments: any ideas you have for improvements would be much appreciated.

T-Cubed Systems, Inc.
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Phone: (818) 991-0057
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E-mail: info@t-cubed.com
Web: www.t-cubed.com

Note: for written communications, please use e-mail if possible. Please include your company name, phone number, and fax number in your e-mail message, just in case of e-mail problems. If you do not receive a reply to your e-mail within 1-2 business days, then we may not have received your e-mail.

If you are currently using RelCalc and write for technical support help, please also include your RelCalc Version/Build# and Serial Number, which can be found in Help/About RelCalc.

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