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Why do I need RelCalc for Windows?
You're finally convinced that you need to do a reliability prediction. You get one of the reliability prediction handbooks, grab your calculator and pencil, and start pounding away, and, pretty soon, "HEEEELP!!!". If you've ever done a prediction by hand you are already nodding your head in agreement; if you've never done one by hand, please talk to someone who has.

Reliability predictions include a large amount of tedious, time consuming, error prone computations; doing this by hand will quickly drive you crazy, while using the RelCalc for Windows software will almost make it fun. The time and money that the software saves will make it truly realistic for you to integrate reliability considerations into your design process.

Doing a reliability prediction for a small 100 part circuit board could easily take 8 hours of hand computation; RelCalc allows you to crank it out in less than 2 hours. After your first computation at 35 degrees C, you might want to run a prediction at 45 degrees C: RelCalc will give you the new answer in a few seconds; manually, you'll have to recalculate the whole mess again, taking another 6-7 hours!

Thus, the RelCalc for Windows reliability prediction software can turn the drudge into an organized and manageable tool usable throughout the design phase: it will allow you to quickly identify problem areas and parts; it will encourage you to experiment with design alternatives, such as part reduction, part selection, derating, burn-in, and others; it will allow you to keep up with reliability concerns as your deadlines get tighter.

The investment you make in the RelCalc for Windows reliability prediction software, a tool which can be used in your overall product reliability efforts, will be paid back many times over in the years to come: when you build reliable products, your reputation grows, your costs shrink, and your business prospers.

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