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Can I import/export data to/from RelCalc?
Yes. RelCalc for Windows includes powerful data import/export functions, allowing you to integrate RelCalc into your overall design framework, making your reliability tasks easier than ever.

Note: for details on using import/export, please see the Help screens in your RelCalc for Windows software.

File Formats
RelCalc can import/export data in any of the following file formats: Microsoft Excel XLS (worksheet), Microsoft Access MDB (database), ASCII CSV (comma separated value, or comma delimited), Lotus 1-2-3 WKS/WK1 (worksheet), or dBase III DBF (database). Note that almost every spreadsheet, database, and CAD/CAE/EDA software program directly supports reading and writing data in one of these file formats.

Data Import
RelCalc for Windows allows you to import data and automatically build circuit, hybrid, and library data files quickly and easily, saving you much time and effort compared to manual data entry. The import definition offers very flexible field mapping, where you can specify which input field contains which part parameter. Your import can be as simple as just importing part number, reference designator, description, and quantity from a Bill of Materials. You can also get creative, importing virtually every parameter for a part. The tremendous flexibility of the import functions allows you to easily transfer data (for example, from your schematic editor) directly to RelCalc, streamlining the design to prediction cycle as your product evolves.

Data Export
You can also export data from your RelCalc circuit, hybrid, and library data files. This allows you to quickly and easily use your RelCalc data with any of your other programs: powerful report writers to create custom reports; graphics programs to display the data in various chart and graph formats; spreadsheet and database programs to organize and analyze the data; other engineering programs, including maintainability and FMECA; the possibilities are endless.

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